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Winter Finding Celebration 2012

It is time for the Winter Finding Holiday, cycle of seasons that ushers in the cold and dispels the life of the sun.  May your harvest be fruitful in this time.

A Walk with our Ancestors

A Walk with our Ancestors at Amazon

 Get the book that defines odinism and German faith.  Old traditions with modern concepts, there is much wisdom to find in this book as some have found out.  A Walk with our Ancestors is a description of Teutonic faith that exudes itself from ages old and defines itself in the present day.  Read about people that have defined Odinism and the faith that we call our own.


A Guide to Galdr

A new explanation of the runes through interpretation and study of the Eddas.  Come find a wealth of knowledge as you read the book, A Guide to Galdr.

A Guide to Galdr


Odin Brotherhood Membership  Guide

Everything that you need to know to be a member, $8.00 sold by Amazon

Membership Manual Amazon



Extension of Thanks

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude out to those people that have purchased copies of my books.  Every effort goes into defining and writing those books as something that is worthwhile to our people.  I am gratified to have an average of ten to twenty people a month buying, A Walk with our Ancestors, however more work is needed to get the word out to the people about the mysteries of our people.  Every effort that you make to help our people get literate in our ways is a benefit to us.  Remember the motto, "Happy are those that hear the words and blind are those that turn away."  Get the happy people on our side and we will be able to honor the gods in unison.  There is no effort like that of our own salvation.  See to it that people are educated in the spirit and then everything else will fall in place. (08/27/2010)

Prisoner Outreach Program Started

Starting today the Prisoner Outreach program will authorize any qualifying Wotanist a free copy of the core book A Walk with our Ancestors to any Prisoner convicted of a felony conviction serving a period of greater than five years.  Our imprisoned comrades deserve our support and often unable to afford literature or the necessary service to suit their spiritual needs.  To address this issue any qualifying prisoner is entitled to one copy of our core book upon demand.  All books will be shipped either from our church or from the publisher to the requesting inmate.  We support our comrades behind bars and do not treat them like second class citizens.

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